Episode 54: Do You Smell What The Petra Is Cooking?

This week no one in Andrew’s family calls him during the podcast, but that doesn’t stop Bill, Chris, and him from being all over the place. The main thing the guys discuss is what form of art they think will preserve modern society, and also they try to hypothesis how an entire culture disappears in the first place.


laura plamer

53: Who Killed Laura Palmer?

This week is another installment of Why Is This A Thing. Chris watched Lost Highway, a movie suggested by our friends over at The Media Junkies podcast, and Bill, Chris, and Andrew are visited by a super secret special guest.



Episode 52: Andrew Only Fears What He Doesn’t Know

In this week’s episode Chris, Bill, and Andrew get POLITICAL. Really that’s all that needs to be said.

Chris and Jeff

Episode 51: The De-”Briefs” (like the underwear….it’s funny)

It’s that time of the month again, where Chris, Bill, and Andrew talk about an event that you were either at or weren’t. That event is Mike’s No Mic Open Mic, and in case you were curious the people who were there are overall better human beings than those that weren’t. That’s just a fact.



Episode 50: Why is This a Thing? More Like Shut the Fuck Up and Listen!

This week is another addition of “Why is This a Thing?” (I think we’re finally getting back on schedule with these). Listen as Andrew attempts to recap the movie he watch as Bill and Chris continually interrupt him. The movie Andrew watched was suggested by super fan Trenton Diana. It is… Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.


Chris could never be a fedora guy.

Episode 49: Leaked Photos, Poker Parties, Brief Bitcoin, Broken Beds and Some Sports

This week, you can hear the sleepiness in our voices. We don’t really cover much of anything, but we cover EVERYTHING. Next week we will return to “Why is This a Thing?”. We Promise.


Spring Break!

Hey guys, this week Chris and Andrew are on Spring Break, and because of the recording snafu last week there is no episode this week. However we do have little something for you. Watch the video below!