Episode 88: Ach! This Better Be Good

This week Bill, Andrew, and Chris discuss offensiveness in comedy, and the myth of the shock comedian.


Episode 87: Persona

No this episode is not about Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 film. This week Chris, Bill, and Andrew discuss the fallout from Andrew bombing. They discuss personas and playing to every crowd.



Episode 86: Check Your XBox Privilege

This week, Andrew, Bill and Chris talk about the recent civil rights issues circulating through the news.



Episode 85: Serving Delusional Ice to Loners

This week The Delusional Loners Podcast is crossing over with fellow Popular Outcasts podcast Serving Ice. Listen as Bill, Andrew, and Chris host Dylan and Justin. And check out the Serving Ice Podcast this Tuesday to hear Chris and Andrew guest on their show.


Episode 84: The Legend Continues

Tune in this week to hear what came of Andrew’s blow up at The Painted Pony. Also hear about Bill’s days as an amateur bowling phenom. Also, there’s a sneak peek at some sketches the guys are working on.


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Episode 83: The Legend of the Painted Pony

This week, Bill and Andrew tell Chris about their new favorite open mic. It’s a story of laughs, of rage, and one that Andrew can’t even remember!



Episode 82: The Liberals, the Libertarian, and The Gun in the Purse

This week’s episode was recorded on election day, and as a result got a little political. Listen as Bill, Chris, and Andrew discuss guns and shit. Also listen for when Bill is a dick to Andrew for not knowing how to murder people. (P.S. can you guys tell who writes these posts).